What animals live on the seashore ?

There are different kinds of seashores, and each kind has its own animals living on it. Razor-shells and cockles live under the sand, while sea anemones live on the rocks. You will find many wonderful animals in the shallow water near the coast, as well as on beaches and rocky shores. Some, like barnacles cling to the rocks. Others like the blenny hide in the crevices in the rocks. Squids swim in the water near the shore, while sea anemones, limpets, crabs and star fish can be found in rock pools at low tide.

Birds like the tern and sea gulls can also be seen flying above beaches, and filling the air with their cries. So, on you next visit to the sea shore, be sure to look out for some of these animals!

Small fish and starfish are brought in by the tide. If you dig a hole in sandy beaches you may be surprised to find animals living under the sand. There will be worms, crabs and shellfish and they come out to feed when the tide comes in. other than a few tiny creatures, you will not find many animals living on a shore covered with pebbles. Pebbles roll when the waves come in and this makes it difficult for them to hide for protection.

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